UV LED printing


Have you been looking for a fast and economical way to print on pretty much anything? Want to get the same design on multiple items?  UV LED printing offers an answer.

Using special light-sensitive inks, this printing technique leverages the unique advantages of LED technology. LEDs, which are totally different from conventional light bulbs, create instant intense light without heat. Your design just flashes onto the material. As they require no heat to work, it means that, unlike other commercial printing equipment, UV LED printers do not have the usual time-consuming warm-up procedures. Along with this time saving, the special inks used in UV LED set instantly.

Instant start-up and drying allows the printer itself to operate faster. It’s an efficiency of production that saves both on power costs and business costs - and those savings are passed on to you.

UV LED inks dry instantly

Instant drying means multiple layers of different inks can be rapidly applied. How many layers? Easily enough to build up embossed or textured effects - even to create braille!
While UV LED printing is typically best for putting designs onto hard surfaces - such as plastic, coated paper, metal, ceramic or wood - it can also be used on fabrics, such as silk. Instant drying means the inks do not soak into the fabric and blur. As uncoated paper is also slightly (or considerably) absorbent, the no-soak-in benefit of UV LED printing also gives unparallelled sharpness and quality for these applications too.

Perth’s UV LED print leaders

At Perth Stitchings, we love the unique benefits the UV LED printing gives our clients. One of the most exciting new printing technologies, it gives results that are sharper, bright and faster on the widest range of materials. Sure, efficiency saves you time and money, but the lower power use and non-toxic nature of the process is better for the environment too.
It’s solutions like these that are why we have so many repeat customers. 

Call Perth Stitchings today to find out how UV LED printing can make your business, event or team really stand out.