Want to get amazing corporate uniforms, team kits, promotional clothing and fabric banners? Not sure that screen printing or embroidery can give you the result you want at the right format? Sublimation might be the answer.  

Sublimation printing is a method of transferring a design or image onto cloth and fabric. However, the design is not so much printed on top of the fabric, as in screen printing, but is infused into the fibres themselves. That’s where the sublimation part comes in. Through applying high heat, the ink in the design to be printed “sublimates” from solid to gas instantly. This dye gas then momentarily penetrates the fabric fibres before converting back to a solid as it cools.

Sublimation for bright, clean and clear results in fabric

Sublimation enables almost any design and colour to be produced. This process is great for sporting apparels such as:

  • Footy gear
  • Cricket tops
  • Netball singlets
  • Soccer tops

However wild your team colours are, sublimation printing can do it. It can also produce simple and subtle effects too. Whatever you need, this technique is great if you have a lot of colours and a lot of logos. The main advantage of sublimation printing over screen printing is its suitability for short print runs (though minimum orders apply) and capacity to easily reproduce fully photographic imagery. Further, it’s designs are more durable. As they become part of the fabric, they do not crack, fade or peel. Further, sublimation printing has a negligible effect on the qualities of the fabric. If the original fabric is soft, light and breathable, it’ll stay that way - even when entirely covered with your design.

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