Pad Printing


Ever wondered how those logos and designs get printed on pens, USB sticks, mugs, pieces of sporting equipment and electronics?  All those angles and complex shapes, all covered so neatly?

The answer is pad printing (sometimes called tampography). Pad printing is all around us and is one of the most popular printing methods to get logos, words and design flourishes onto stock items. It uses a rubber or silicone pad that can transfer a design from a precision-etched plate onto almost any product.

Is pad printing what you’ve been looking for?

This is probably the most versatile approach out there and yields brilliant results on odd or curved shapes. Even better, it’s fast! Large print runs can be produced in a short period of time. It can even do multiple colours at once. However, pad printing is not suited for large designs or styles that include glitter effects. 

As with all types of printing, your supplied design artwork for pad printing must be submitted in a vector-based format, as this will not pixellate when it is expanded.

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