Laser Engraving


Have you been looking for a way to personalise your merchandise with a deluxe level of finish and quality? There are many options out there, but the high-tech and high-precision of laser engraving really stands out. The technique works by focusing powerful computer-controlled lasers on the surface of the material to be engraved. Depending on the power of the laser and the toughness of the material, a controlled amount of the surface layer melts and is vaporised. It simply vanishes, leaving a neat engraving mark. As it is entirely automated and only uses electricity and light, laser engraving can be done very quickly to flawlessly reproduce designs from digital files.

Laser engraving for precision and quality

Laser engraving is most popular on hard surfaces like metal, crystal and glass. It surprises many to find out it can also deliver great results on paper, wood, ceramic and plastic. There is even laser-engraved clothing! So many materials can be engraved simply and neatly with laser. However, due to the high energies and temperatures involved, some synthetic materials - such as flame-retardant coatings, epoxy, PVB and teflon - are usually unsuitable. Laser engraving is also one of the most environmentally safe ways to decorate or brand your items. There is no chemical residue and virtually no material debris.  Machine engraving still achieves excellent effects, yet laser goes one further by being completely non-contact - the only thing touching the material is light itself.

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