Direct to Garment

Are you looking for the best way to get a short run of custom shirts, apparel or promotional fabric merchandise made? Are you looking for a technique that can reproduce a design in full colour, no matter how intricate or finely detailed it is? Direct to garment printing, a revolution in the printed apparel industry, might be your answer: it’s fast, simple, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and creates far less waste byproducts than traditional screen printing.

The idea is simple, it’s right in the name: direct to garment. It’s an inkjet technique that gets around the usual step of using a transfer to move a pre-printed design onto the item. Essentially, imagine instead that you could feed a blank t-shirt through your office printer and get a stunning design out the other end. Technically, it’s much harder to do than it sounds. From concept to commercial reality took around 35 years of development for the special printer heads required.

Direct to garment printing for when you want easy results

With far lower set-up costs than traditional screen printing, direct to garment is ideal for small runs - think one-off events or limited edition clothing. Further, the number of colours you use has little bearing on price. Even better, the scalable nature of the process means that, unlike screen printing, your design can be matched to the size of the shirt. Your extra-smalls won’t have the edges of your logo disappearing under seams and the your extra-larges won’t strand the design in a field of plain blank fabric. However, there are things to remember. Direct to garment printing is slower than other approaches and it uses more delicate inks. As such, it is not ideal for large orders or printing on fabric less than 50% cotton.

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