Digital Printing in Perth

Looking to do a short run of a complicated or detailed design on fabric? If so, digital transfer might be the right choice. In digital transfer, the design is first printed onto a substrate and this is then transferred to the textile as required.
This two step-process means the same design can be printed onto the inexpensive substrate, stored and then printed to the merchandise on-demand. Digital transfer is also a great option for short-run printing and highly complicated designs. However, there are certain types of fabric where digital transfer is not applicable - contact us for more advice.

Digital transfer gives you the options you want

Digital transfers are just an exciting and dynamic approach to textile decoration. From CAD-cut numbers and names to full-colour corporate or sporting logs to digital photos, digital transfers are one of your most cost-effective alternatives to traditional screen printing. They can even take the place of embroidery in certain applications. Recent improvements in ink and media technology make this technique one of the fastest-growing products in today's garment and promotional products market. And innovations are always coming online.

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