About Us

Where is Perth Stitchings based?
Our HQ is in Wangara Perth WA however we service a huge client-base nationwide.

Do you offer any in-house decorations?
Yes, we have embroidery machines, a wide format printer and a heat press in-house.

How can I contact you?
You can call us 9303 9442 or email us at info@perthstitchings.com.au.  For more detailed contact information please just go to our contact us section.

Why should I choose Perth Stitchings? 
If you are looking around you might be thinking – your site is just the same as everyone else…but we certainly are not. We are experienced and expert in our field, established almost 20 years now in this industry. We are friendly and professional at all times with outstanding service.  We have in house decoration services which allows faster turnarounds and higher quality control.

Do you offer samples as part of your service?
Please refer to our samples policy for all sample related info.

What are the benefits of Promotional Products over other forms of advertising?
Well-chosen promotional products have a much longer life span than most others forms of advertising. This helps to boost a brand visibility significantly. What’s more, given that promotional products are generally given as gifts, people are typically really pleased to receive them and so feel good about the supplier. Promotional products cut through the advertising clutter and build brand awareness, positive association and appreciation. 


What if I don’t have artwork?
No problem. If you can’t find art that meets our requirements, we can always assist. We offer artwork services such as logo redraws & creative concepts.

I only have a Jpeg / Bitmap / GIF file. Can you use these?
Yes, but maybe not for the final artwork.  What we can do is redraw your artwork into a higher resolution that will give us a high quality reproduction of your logo, resulting in a professional finish that simply isn’t possible with low-grade art. Professional redraws can cost money depending on your needs, Get in touch with us to discuss the process.

Do you keep my artwork on file?
Yes. We keep your electronic artwork on file to use as an easy reference for a repeat order, or for a new order of a different product.

Why does the colour look different on my screen to the actual printed item?
Please note that all monitors display colours differently. Due to technological differences, an LCD/flat panel monitor may display colours differently on screen than a CRT/tube monitor.  Therefore, what you view on your screen may not be an exact representation of what is printed on the final order. We strongly suggest providing your own PMS colour to us if colouring is important to you.

How big can my decoration be?
The size of printing or decorating can vary depending on the product you choose.  Our professional graphics team draw upon their extensive industry experience to make a decoration ‘best fit’ on your chosen product.  As part of the order process you are given a proof to show exactly what size your logo will be at no cost. 


How do I order and what is the process?
Ordering is easy. You can phone up, email or make an online enquiry using our website.  Once the order has been placed, we will supply an artwork proof for you to sign-off.  The order will then go into production and be dispatched as per the discussed directions.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Sale?
All orders are subject to written acceptance. Orders may not be cancelled once production has begun. Orders cancelled before actual production has begun require written notice. Orders that can be cancelled are subject to charges for all costs of processing and make-ready preparation that may have occurred prior to receipt of cancellation notification.

Can I cancel or alter an existing order?
Once the order has been confirmed and Artwork Mockup is approved, we cannot guarantee our ability to make changes or cancellations to an order. We will make every effort to comply with your request. A minimum charge of $50.00 will be applied to cover order entry and preparation expenses. In addition, you are liable to pay the agreed upon price for any work that may have been completed up to the time that we are able to cancel your order. These charges may include but are not limited to setup charges, artwork preparation charges, shipping charges and restocking fees. All completed work and costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

Do you supply products that are not featured on the website?
Yes. Due to the extensive range of promotional products we offer, it's not possible to feature all the products we can offer. Please contact the friendly team to discuss your requirements.

With Apparel, can I order a combination of men’s & ladies Sizes?  E.g. 18 x Men’s & 7 x Ladies
Yes. Absolutely no problems.

How do I choose which promotional product to use?
The right promotional product depends on a number of factors, including to name just a few:

  • Your customers’ needs and interests
  • Your organisation’s marketing and strategic goals
  • Your budget
  • Your brand positioning (e.g. Eco, low cost giveaway, premium)
  • The desired reach (e.g. a Higher volume of low cost mass items or a lower quantity of high cost, highly targeted products)
  • How and where you will be using and distributing the products

Please look through our product offerings on our website or you can give us a brief and we will do the product search on your behalf. 

We are a charity, can you discount?
We are extremely sympathetic to the needs of charities and other not-for-profit organisations.  Phone us to discuss your requirements.


What are the turnaround time for orders?
Clothing & uniforms (subject to stock availability) can be turned around in a matter of days depending on your deadline. In terms of promotional items, locally available items are generally produced in approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Custom made (offshore) items are produced in roughly 6 - 8 weeks (via air freight) or 10-12 weeks (via sea freight).

What happens if a product is back-ordered?
While every effort is made to ensure there is adequate stock of all products which are ready for decoration, there may be instances where demand exceeds the existing warehoused stock, and a product is not available for a window of time. In this instance, we will contact you to ensure the revised production time is suitable for your requirements. If it isn’t appropriate, regrettably, arrangements for alternative products may have to be made.

Do I get printed samples of the product as part of the order?
This is usually not required.  Making an individual sample is costly and requires a print run of 1 item, which is very expensive.  We provide an artwork proof for every single item that you buy from us.  This will show the product colours and decoration outcome.   In regards to all other samples, please check out our samples policy

Can I get smaller quantities?
We set minimum quantities at a level that allows you to order items at a reasonable cost and helps us to professionally manage your order.  If we start slashing minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) the price goes way up as we have set costs that are incorporated into the individual price shown.  So if you want to know if you can get smaller quantities the answer is usually yes but the price will be much higher per item. 

What is your ability to work within a very tight timeframe?
We understand deadlines are often tight.  Perth Stitchings offer various in-house decoration options which allows us to monitor the production times. We would love to work with you to get things produced quickly.  Get in touch with us to chat through the deadlines and we will do our best to make it happen.


What is Embroidery?
The process of stitching your design onto material through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. The design is reproduced with tightly-stitched thread.

What is Digital Transfer Printing?
A digital transfer is a way of producing full colour designs, which are too complex to be screen printed, for application onto garments, caps or bags via a heat process. The required image is printed onto white transfer paper.

What is Heat Transfer Printing with Sublimation?
The process of Heat Transfer Printing with Sublimation is one in which a design is transferred to a synthetic fabric by heat and pressure. The heat causes the inks to turn into a gas so that they penetrate the fabric and combine with it to form a permanent imprint. Microfibre lens cloths utilise this versatile decoration process.

What is Laser Engraving?
The process of Laser Engraving is the method in which an optically-read or stencilled art/copy is engraved into a surface by a laser beam. Typically used for products such as quality pens, key tags & desktop accessories.

What is Pad Printing?
Pad printing is the process of transferring an etched image from a printing plate using ink to the desired product via a soft silicon pad. Pad printing is excellent for imprinting small, unusually-shaped objects for which screen-printing is not practical. Typically used for products such as plastic pens, key rings & rulers

What is Screen Printing?
Screen Printing in general is the process of forcing ink, by pressing with a squeegee, through the mesh or netting of a screen stretched on a frame onto the product to be printed. Typically used for products such as tote bags, t-shirts & stubby holders.

What is Blind Embossing?
Blind embossing is the process of creating a three dimensional image or design into a product. This process is achieved through means of applying heat and pressure to an engraved metal block of the image desired on to the item. Blind embossing is most commonly used on products such as compendiums, diaries & business card holders.

What is Foil Stamping?
Foil stamping process uses heat and pressure to transfer colour from a coloured roll of foil to the product. It requires an etched metal plate that heat and pressure is applied and then between the metal block and the product to be foil stamped the coloured foil is run through. Foil stamping can be applied to surfaces such as plastic, timber, leather, cardboard and paper.  Most commonly used on compendiums & diaries.


Do you ship overseas?
Absolutely, however we will need to send these items to your Australian freight forwarder.  We cannot directly export due to licensing restrictions.

How long will it take to get my order?
Our standard production times are 1 week for clothing and 2-3 weeks for promotional products production times, however it does vary from product to product.  For deadlines of an urgent nature, we recommend contacting Perth Stitchings to determine if your deadline can be achieved.

How long is freight, how much is freight?
We offer a parcel system delivery system to all metro customers.  This price is included in all jobs and generally takes 24 – 48 hours from dispatch.  If the job is urgent or the delivery location is regional or interstate courier fees may apply.


What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment options include via Credit Card, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) online. If you wish to pay by Credit Card, this can be done over the phone or in person. Alternatively, our EFT banking details are on the invoice if you prefer to pay through this method. Please note, we value your business and confidence in us, therefore we do not sell, share or make any of your personal information available to unauthorised third parties.

Can I set up an account for payment terms?
We will be happy to set up a corporate account with you. Please request an application at info@perthstitchings.com.au. Once completed & returned, the credit review typically takes 10 business days and production will not begin on orders until the review process is complete and approved. If your order is urgent, payment upfront may be required to secure delivery date. On completion of the review process of your application, we will notify you of the outcome. Our terms are 14 days from invoice if accepted.

What are Overages and Shortages?
We try to produce your order in the exact quantity ordered, but this is not always possible due to quality control efforts and fast running machines. We reserve the right to ship and subsequently invoice or credit, your charge card or account, for up to 10% over or under the desired quantity.