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Have you been thinking about embroidery as a way to make your corporate, sporting or uniform garments stand out? 
Unsure of whether it’s the best way of the many, many options and creative ideas out there? Sure, you could use screen printing, sublimation printing and digital transfers... Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. That said, it’s often embroidery that’s the true stand-out option.

Fine craftsmanship done with digital precision

Embroidery, with its long history as a fine art, is undoubtedly the most elegant and classy way to brand and customise fabrics for promotional material or uniforms. The first step is digitising your logo into an embroidery format. It’s the most crucial part of the process and poor digitising can result in uneven registration, misalignment, illegible small text and a generally shabby appearance.

Then the expert use of different stitch types in the correct stitch path will enhance your design and provide clarity and style. At Perth Stitchings, we always stitch out a sample of your design before it is applied to any garment. Why? Because embroidery has two main limitations that we must test for:

  1. The size of an individual stitch is the size of your smallest detail - therefore intricate details in a small area may blend together and get lost in the design, losing the integrity of your logo.
  2. Very large designs, while looking fantastic, are very expensive to produce and not always suitable for commercial orders.

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