The Mining Industry in the Perth area, Western Australia and beyond requires clothing to be of outstanding quality and practicality. In order to ensure the safety of your workers and the visibility of all on-site staff and visitors. It is vital that the appropriate clothing is used.


Safety Clothing

All safety clothing provided by Perth Stitchings complies with Australian Standards for the specific intended use of that particular item. This is particularly vital within the Mining Industry where Work Health and Safety requirements are held at the utmost importance. Perth Stitchings recognises the importance of these regulations and needs and will provide clothing and personal protective items that are suitable for your staff.

We understand the unique and diverse clothing requirements needed in the Mining Industry. Therefore we offer a wide range of work wear in order to accommodate the needs of the specific requirements. Ranging from hi-vis singlets, hi-vis polo shirts, cotton drill work shirts and work pants, we have the ability to offer work wear that is durable, breathable and meets all requirements for strong and quality work wear that will ensure that your employees can be both seen, and comfortable.


Personal Protective Equipment

We understand that the safety of your employees is top priority. At Perth Stitchings, we do not only provide customised work wear. We also have the ability to provide a broad range of Personal Protective Equipment. These include but are not limited to, Safety Specs, Gloves, Boot Covers, Earplugs and Earmuffs, Brow guard Visors, Respirators, Pocket Sleeve Bands, Caution Tape, Safety Tags, Hard Hats, Goggles, Yellow Chain, Back Support Belts, Hazard Tape, Spray Hoods, Bump Caps, Coveralls, First Aid Kits and Traffic Cones.


Perth Stitchings is your provider for everything Work Health and Safety. From custom branded clothing to personal protective equipment.

Give your employees the safety and comfort they deserve.

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